Eyewear Analysis, Tell us what you think…

Greetings from your UBT Committee, 

Last meeting was June 19th 2015.  We continuously work on ongoing projects as well as develop new ones at each meeting.
Below you will see what the UBT committee is doing.

Project 1

Our ongoing projects for this year are Turn Around Time – Member Experience.  We have been doing a Plan Do Study Act in Escondido regarding how to positively affect our TAT.

It is a combination of things that our Escondido office does differently to positively affect our TAT
1) Process Map for Opticians’ opening shift. It begins with checking the gray bin delivery without delaying for others to come in and help. It is the sole propriety task unless there are patients needing your help.
2) Make-ability Software an on- going communication service to our lab concerning delays and an agent who can expedite jobs for our       store depending on the issue.  Wendy Rivera has been a great asset for customer service.
3) Service codes and being 100 % compliant with the use of the proper codes.
4) Tracer,  although we are not 100 % up and running, it is a great tool to have to deliver lenses in patient’s own’s frames without sending the frame to lab.  Saving time approximately 2 days for our member.
Project 2 Eyewear Analysis RevisionGreetings from Your UBT 
 Eyewear Analysis Revision

I have attached the first revision of the eyewear analysis for you to carefully review.  The committee is open to any changes additions that you might have.  I will post it on the ivelearn.com website where you can leave your comments or contact me or your representatives directly to tell me what you think by July 17th, 2015.  It affects the efficiency of your workflow.  It impacts our providers’s care because they have told us they would like to have them filled out properly for rechecks.

           Click on this to download and comment on the look of this new format.
Project 3  Workplace Safety  Ergonomics at the Workstation

We will be closing this project soon with an on-line survey as to how we are affecting the employee’s knowledge of their workplace station.

Project 4 Improving efficiency at the workstation
An Optician has developed a way of keeping all phone numbers, passwords for using retailer’s websites like Maui Jim and Oakley.
Some of you have created these worksheet for your own use.  We are in the process of delivering this information for every workstation for every location.  We have been listening to our floats, primarily opticians but I know N. County has a similar practice for the Optometrists, thanks to Dr. Mather by locating this information in sheet that goes on the workstation so you never have to get up and search for the clinic’s notebook.  It is a small start but we hear over and over floats can never find what they need.   If all the phone and password information is at your fingertips just think how easy that would be.

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  1. When you click on the underlined word eyewear analysis it will download to your computer.
    You can then view, print off line.
    Our last meeting was posted in June look for it in the archives.

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