The 2015 UBT Committee is recognized as a Level 5  committee, appointed  in 2014 by Labor and Management Partnership.

 Cynthia Rodriguez and Sherri Koers, Co-Leads,

Representatives onUBT are:

Lori Dolecki, Liz Herrera, Amber Lafferty, Anthony Pursley,Stephanie Staggs, Caroline Metcalf, Marisa Chung, OD and Tracy Stradford, OD

The Vision Essentials was started in 2008.

I’d like to introduce to you our current UBT representatives working on the team. Each of them have committed to working a 2 year term and by doing so engage in monthly meetings for our department. They represent collectively, optometrists, opticians, service representatives, contact lens fitters, optometric assistants and clerical classifications of our department. Please feel free to talk to them about any ideas or concerns that you may have.



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  1. Imagine the doctor asks you to apply a fresnel prism with 8 BU and 8 BI on a single lens?
    This is a request beyond your basic fresnel application, who or where would you go to for help? Through iVE Learn we will give you the resources for the technical skill to deliver the goods to the patient without waiting for someone else to do it.

  2. Not entirely, thru the use of educational videos for training the optician will be able to re-learn the basics and or be shown thru the use of coaching one-on-one will be given the proper procedures handling optical situations as they occur.

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