Vision Expo

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SD Airport people watching and killing time

First you have to get  there.  Can you believe rain delayed our Las Vegas flight by 3 hours.  I guess Las Vegas doesn’t do rain well.  With all the delays we arrived tired and worn out. but eager to see the sights.

Our classes began the next day and the exhibits opened on Thursday.  I know we tried out a few good restaurants and saw Jersey and LeRvue. Jersey Boys was in the Paris hotel.  We took a cab from the Venetian/Mirage and it took longer to ride in a cab than to walk home from The Paris Hotel.

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A little Broadway in Vegas! Playing at Paris Hotel on the strip

It was a great show if you like the music and I do.  I downloaded all their tunes on Pandora.

My first class was an audience participation . It was called The Latest Lens Technology.  The audience was polled with the use of their smartphones what topics they would like to discuss.  This a 2 hour class.  From all the available options the audience selected Free Form Lens Designs,  Camber Lenses


classroom poll taken by instructor, How do you take measurements for PAL?

Also included was the various ways we measure PALS it seems as if the pupillometer with PD stick is the most popular but the least accurate.  The lecturer recommends a smart phone or iPad for the fit.  It is currently in  La Mesa with the Optima measuring system.  Maybe some day.

Escaping the classroom was always a treat when you walked out of the door to the strip there was always a beautiful sunset to see. Last but not least was the show at Wynn called Le Reve (the dream)  beautiful choreography but it really put me to sleep.

All in all it went by so fast I really didn’t have time to post daily as I thought I would. Tomorrow is Monday and I’m back to work with all my new tools and knowledge to use.

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Miraage at Sunset

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