The Next Step….

San Diego VE opticians has just completed another Eyes on Communication Class.  It was 4 hours of learning about frames, and you thought you knew it all.  But honestly how many of you will take back to work with you the neuro -motor skills that David Gilman so passionately taught us.  Mirror Match and Pace from EOC 2, Bundling from EOC 3, selling frames with a purpose and partnership with our patients!  It was a lot of information.  So throughout the course of the next few weeks, I will post an early morning question to jog our memories of all the information that was taught.  For those of you who are buying in to this new experience I will also challenge you a little and hopefully encourage you to keep up the awesome work with our patients that we already do.  So here goes the first question….. The first optician who answers my question will be sent a Starbucks Coffee Card!  So Good Luck with your challenge and may the best optician win.

Which of these questions is not a lifestyle question?

  1. What do you use your glasses for?

2.How do you protect your eyes from the sun

3.How much time do you spend on a computer or tablet?

4.What do you like to do with your free time?

5.  All of the above.

6. None of the above

Please answer your question by placing it in the reply box.  You will be notified.

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