Eyes on Communication IV

August 11, 2015 the first session of The Right Frame of Mind is live today at 8:30 am Claremont Mesa Clinic Classroom 1.

Vision Essentials San Diego

Eyes on Communication IV

Getting to the Right Frame of Mind by David Gilman

Coming to Vision Essentials in August Details to Follow!


Frame materials change the way your patient and their glasses look. For many opticians, describing frame style and material is often more difficult than talking the technical terms used for lenses. However, being able to differentiate materials and tell patients about style and fashion separates you from the competition. Your patients will describe their frames the way that you do. In fact, to be the most successful optician, combine the most successful attributes of a stylist.


Brands have their own identities that consumers seek. Visit the brands page online for each of your suppliers in your office. For example, from the 2009 Opticians Handbook, here are some Luxottica brands that were described. Bvlgari – Exclusive. Luxurious. Unique. For style makers with…

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