VE San Diego Has Gone Public

After two years iVE Learn web site  has lifted the privacy .  I started the blog in 2012 to promote the iVE Learn training that began that year.  It was to encourage dispensers to take the program. The website was by invitation only to opticians from Local 30 and a few in Orange County. The program was almost 100% successful for the San Diego opticians, however after the first year less than half of these opticians failed to renew their iVE Learn Certification.  I still want to encourage growth in your job by presenting education and informational item for all job classifications.  Since my involvement with UBT that is the only way of providing this information to everyone by going public and also offering news of the projects and developments at hand. I look forward to hearing from you and your recommendations to make the workplace more rewarding, efficient and  successful for our staff and members.  Thanks

Sherri L Koers, ABOC-AD, NCLE

Optician Lead

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