Caroline Metcalf joins the UBT Committee!

UntitledVision Essentials by Kaiser Permanente UBT San Diego
UBT is pleased to announce the new UBT member who will represent Local 30.
The results are in and the winner is Caroline Metcalf. She is an optician and works out of La Mesa. Her nomination and intent has been approved and accepted by Annette Baxter our Local 30 VE UBT sponsor.
Her training and first meeting will be in July.
Congratulations to those who joined Caroline in the runoff for this position and wanted to make a difference in your work place.
Our hats go off to all of you for caring.
Your UBT Committee,
Sherri L Koers, ABOC-AD, NCLE, Co-Lead Labor,
Cynthia Rodrigues, Co-Lead Management
Amber Lafferty, Liz Herrera, Anthony Pursely, Stephanie Staggs, Ernest Martinez, Dr Marisa Chung, Dr. Tracy Stradford and Lori Dolecki.

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