Local 30 and KPASCO of Vision Essentials,

Infamous Lab Coat Project 2013 in North County

Infamous Lab Coat Project 2013 in North County

On behalf of the Vision Essentials, UBT we would like to thank Arshel Ramirez for representing Local 30, April 2013-2015. She has been excellent in providing our department with some great ideas for improving the morale in the workplace, participation in iVE Learn Phase Two and Three certification, improving service scores and teamwork and last but not least her introduction of “Optickle” one liners for our amusement in Optical Dispensing and the Optometry world.
Thanks again!
Vision Essentials UBT Committee
Sherri L Koers, Co-Lead Labor
Cynthia Rodrigues, Co-Lead Management
Amber Lafferty
Liz Herrera
Anthony Pursley
Marisa Chung, OD
Tracy Stradford, OD
Lori Dolecki and Stephanie Staggs

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  1. Arshel you have been amazing at helping on the UBT Committee these last two years. The time has flown by. I love this picture because it shows you along with two other past UBT representatives in the infamous White Coat Project in N. County!
    That project really sparked conversations from the north to the s

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