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March Newsletter UBT

what a groupThe March newsletter is all about your incentive and how it was distributed. We earned 95% of the incentive payout. This year your UBT is working getting 100%. Your incentive is based on your personal attendance, revenue, quality of care and concern, turn-around-time. Keep track of the VE progress thru you UBT representative.
“OP”tickle” was a contribution from Arshel Ramirez thanks for giving us a laugh!

Newsletter March

24 hour news, and somewhat educational articles…

It’s time to enjoy work away from work. A place to go to express what you really think. This outside the KP work blog is available to view 24/7. I hope you find it entertaining. Just create an account with WordPress if you don’t already have one and you will receive alerts when anything new is posted or you would like to express yourself. Have fun!

It’s here to stay

The new two tier promotion being debuted at Vision Essentials Antelope Valley and San Diego has been a success for the 2 areas.  So much so that the new tier promo will be around for at least the rest of the year. The promotion adds value for members by discounting frame $75-$100 for their new eyewear purchase.  Frames from $99-$139 a premium lens and anti-reflective coating will be given a $75.00 discount.  Frames from $149 on up will receive the $100.00 discount when offered with premium lens and anti-reflective coating.  The promo does not work with CR39 but is designed for trivex, polycarbonate and 1.67 materials.