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iVE Learn Phase 3

Currently certified for 2015:

Arshel Ramirez                    Debbie Guthrie                       Angela Gorham

Deborah Zimmer                 Julia Braverman

Amber Lafferty                     Mona Um

Mara Manthorpe                  Lindsay Orellana

Ann Ferland                         Gabe Espinoza

Sherri Koers                          Erica Diaz


iVE Learn Phase 3

You may ask what is phase 3? and why do I need it?  I earned my tool kit by passing Phase one and two  100 question test and the iVE Learn practical which came with a certificate suitable for hanging, toolkit and pin.  But hey, did you notice that it came with an expiration?  Your iVE Learn Certificate expired on December 2014 if you took the iVE Learn course in 2013.  Your certificate will still remain hanging but the dates will be back in time.  Do you want your patients to see that you don’t really care about staying current in your field.  Maybe you noticed that VE offers new materials this year and maybe you don’t really understand the whys and therefore of trivex and 174.  Well you can read up on them and earn your CE on line as many people do and keep current with the times.  What’s all the fuss?  Well if you were ABO certified by the American Board of Opticianry you would also be expired after 3 years if not renewed? And you would be paying a fee to renew or keep it active. How do I renew it?  iVE learn is simple, take only 4 CE courses a year.  Most of the CE is free and all you do is send your CE certificates to Doug Zimmer or David Gilman and there is no charge.

The iVE Learn coaches will set you up to take a short neutralization on a single pair of glasses and You ARE IN! NO money no squabble, just do.

In hopes that the latecomers or late doers have changed their minds, please contact me for more reasons to stay certified…