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Lens Characteristics and Abbe Index

Beginning January 5, 2015 the VE optical centers will begin a new era in lens recommendations. Trivex will hopefully become a favorite in lens choices for Rxs between +2.00 – -2.75 instead of polycarbonate.  The reason for this change is our pricing structure will be changed.  No longer will there be a $40.00 difference between the two lens materials which has kept the optician from utilizing this material over polycarbonate for a long time.  The price differential is now only $10.00.  The reasons for recommending this lens have stayed the same but are no longer silenced over the price objection.  Hopefully by comparison you will see for yourself the advantages of using trivex over polycarbonate in your optical tool box.  More discussion to follow on all the other lens choices in 2015.  Lens Characteristics  articles will show you how to calculate the abbe index for each lens material. Please read the Abbe Index article to compare the performance on lens materials and quality of vision.  The chart for VA taken with the prismatic abbe index value shows how it affects your patient’s vision. Anything over .125prism diopter is probably going to be symptomatic  for the patient.Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 9.39.08 AM