iVE Learn and UBT

Welcome to March and all its madness.  If you read the above newsletter you will see that UBT is working again to implement a plan to get all 27 Phase One graduates of  iVE Learn certified.  So far there are 12 certified in San Diego and now all four supervisors and one assistant BLM are certified coaches.

What that means to you is…. that we have 3 new coaches to help the certification process.  What can you do to get ready?  Keep practicing those skills. A recent email to all opticians gave you a look at the practical test form.

There are 2 neutralizations (page 1&2)

There are demonstrations of skills, such as nylor mount re-string, 3 piece mount repair, fresnel prism application,etc (page 3)

Measurement Skills demonstrations of how to measure pd, PAL and bifocal heights, vertex distance , pantoscopic tilt, face form, and lifestyle scenarios (2), and last but not least a bifocal and PAL cutout chart demonstrations.  For more help or coaching on any of the above contact your labor coach, Peggy Claybaugh, Gabe Espinoza or Sherri Koers or your site supervisor!  Good Luck!

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