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iVE Learn and UBT

Welcome to March and all its madness.  If you read the above newsletter you will see that UBT is working again to implement a plan to get all 27 Phase One graduates of  iVE Learn certified.  So far there are 12 certified in San Diego and now all four supervisors and one assistant BLM are certified coaches.

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UBT Newsletter 2013 Jan/Feb

janfeb newsletter page 2revised

jan 2013 newsletter revised

Vision Essentials San Diego has finished strong in 2012.  As you can see by our business metrics.  Moving on into 2013 we can not sit on our laurels we must begin again by facing our biggest challenges.  The evergrowing internet market for purchasing glasses keeps our customers from staying in our arena.  Capture rate is our biggest challenge.  In North County our lab coat test of change increased Escondido and Carlsbad capture rate the last three months.  But was it enough?  Nor really, due to some temperments that were going on by people who did not understnad it was simply a test of change.  In reality it helped member recognition of being able to recognize who to ask questions on the floor, despite the claims that people might think that we are doctors.  See metrics.

Looking for good ideas to increase capture rate.  For starters there was a newsletter this week by Melanie Poon on Riverside VE employees and their strategy to capture patients.  I think this is a good start.

Passports are helpful but is it enough?  Lets hear from you and what you think is successful for capturing patients to stay and shop!