Why should I be VE Certified to do my job?

Perhaps you are wondering why I should become iVE certified.  I would like to name some of the reasons that are important to me.

The organization (Vision Essentials) feels that you are a worthwhile investment.  While many of you may already be ABO certified how many of you feel optically savy in some of the new DSL Lenses that we offer.  Our members have probably never heard of the DSL  lens choice, how comfortable are you in explaining the difference from the DSL lens choices and the molded lens technology?  Now that our lens menu is 99% DSL you should be the expert.  Thru iVE learn you should get some of the basic background on how to talk about DSl.  This is Vision Essentials staple and we need to know how to talk to our members about the quality and customization of these lenses.

The iVE Learn menu has areas of growth for all opticians whether you have been on the job for one year or 25 it is an excellent way to get refreshed.  I know that when I take a CE course it ups my game and my confidence on the sales floor.  When I take a course on lens tints and coatings I remember the reasons why some people are better off using the tints and coatings that we offer.  My number one reason for certification is the member experience.  How can I better serve my member?  By knowing all the ins and outs of the optical daily challenges I can make better recommendations for my member in lems designs, lens materials, lens base curve  lens PAL fittings.I will know more skills in adjusting the frame to fit my member’s face giving her the optimum vision they can get thru their new prescription.  I can also personally reduce my redos by knowing what will work and what won’t.  I can troubleshoot my member’s symptoms and solve visual issues thru better adjusting the frame, without creating a redo.  I could go on an on about why becoming VE certified lets hear from you…..

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