Monthly Archives: November 2012


And the winner is…. Amber Lafferty of Bonita Vision Essentials!  She is one module closer to gaining her iVE Learn Phase One Certification! Congratulatons to Ann Ferland and Bob Grieb for second and third place winners and taking the time to move one step closer to the VE certification.

Way to Go!

Next week the Showdown continues so keep checking your faxes you never know when you will get directions to send another transcript for another Starbucks Coffee card.

Congratulations to Gabe Espinoza and Lindsay Gomez for completing all modules of Phase One.  What have you learned this week???

iVE Learn is launched on KPLearn

VE certification for opticians is rolled out.  Phase 1 begins on November 5th.  What this means is that you can now log in to KPLearn at work or at home to begin the module training.  There are 21 modules followed by 100 point test. KPLearn will monitor your progress.  A passing score on each module is 80%.  If you do well then take the next module.  If you score less than 80% retake the module and try again.  The highest score will be tracked. Just remember there is no failure.  The only ones who fail are those who choose not to participate.  After the tests is taken we will move on to Phase 2.  More to follow about that….