The Latest on DSL lenses at Vision Essentials

This module is great for the optician for explaining the different levels of customization when making freeform lenses.  We have had the opportunity to be already fitting the DSL lenses in our Seiko  Line and our IOT Line.

With the advent of Zeiss Individual Lenses you will be learning about the proces of making a freeform lens, it all

begins with:

custom lens design (gt2 and solaone)

base curve unique to the indivduals’s   unlike  standard molded lenses

rx  is compensated for position of view (gt2dv)

software driven designs comes from the germany direct to Vision Essentials lab

corridor length chosen relative to the frame dimensions ( b measurement)

these lenses provide the patient with 30% to 40% wider viewing areas than moulded lenses

Where appearance matters, these lenses are surfaced and cut  each with its own  unique lens rx and custom edged designed, no more bulky thick stock lenses .

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