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The Latest on DSL lenses at Vision Essentials

This module is great for the optician for explaining the different levels of customization when making freeform lenses.  We have had the opportunity to be already fitting the DSL lenses in our Seiko  Line and our IOT Line.

With the advent of Zeiss Individual Lenses you will be learning about the proces of making a freeform lens, it all

begins with:

custom lens design (gt2 and solaone)

base curve unique to the indivduals’s   unlike  standard molded lenses

rx  is compensated for position of view (gt2dv)

software driven designs comes from the germany direct to Vision Essentials lab

corridor length chosen relative to the frame dimensions ( b measurement)

these lenses provide the patient with 30% to 40% wider viewing areas than moulded lenses

Where appearance matters, these lenses are surfaced and cut  each with its own  unique lens rx and custom edged designed, no more bulky thick stock lenses .

iVE Learn has posted seven new modules

I have discovered that there are 7 new modules on

I discovered also that if you are at home by going to you can enter the kp.learn website.

I sat and did all seven modules in about 1 and 1/2 hours.   I know I wasn’t” on the clock” but they were fun and easy and I wanted to catch up to the Carlsbad crew who have also reported to me on the phone today they have each completed the 7 courses as well.  Way to go Debbie and Julia!  I am going to post each module offered so far and if you have any comments to add please post them for your co-workers!

Its official iVE Learn has come to

VE  Opticans the journey to certification is about to begin!

During a recent interview when an applicant was asked what was the most recent continuing education that he had taken  The applicant was  seasoned and had been in the optical world for quite some time.  One could see he was thrown by the interviewer’s question.  His response was
“I can’t remember.”   Are you that optician practicing opticianry the same way when you started out as an optician without making any changes to your work style with the latest in technology?

You are already a VE optician and I mean that in highest regard.  When you were hired you probably had your ABO or years of work experience  You work for a company Vision Essentials by Kaiser Permanente that is a leader in the optical industry.   We have a certified lab for DSL Lenses accredited by Carl Zeiss Company.  The technology in our field is constantly changing and VE is a forerunner in providing our members with the latest in health care.

We have state of the art instruments in the exam room and throughout the dispensaries.  We have integrated health care brought to you by Health Connect and the digital records.  Now VE wants to invest in you, the employee.  Why would they do that?  Because Kaiser does not spare any expense in providing the best health care to its members.  They are investing in you to to help you work smarter and provide better health care to our members. 

When you go to the website you will find after signing in, type iVE  into the  search box.  The first modules of iVE Learn are ready to go.  They can be stopped and started as you take each one.  If you care to read the material rather than be read to, you can turn down the sound and click on notes The script for each slide is found in the notes as you forward each slide.

As you browse thru the different modules you can begin with any one of them.  KP Learn will keep track where you are and where you need to go to finish the certification process.

If you like what you see or have questions regarding materials in the modules please share with your co-workers on this blog.

Sherri Koers, Labor Coach