Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Optical Tool Belt

The number one tool in every optician belt is knowledge.  If you are an optician who was trained on the job or educated formally, or took it upon yourself to learn  thru many of the educational on-line programs, welcome.  This blog will introduce ideas, problem solving, formulas for making your workplace more productive.  On this blog we will discuss all optical / optometric challenges that you face in your workplace.  This blog is a source to help answer those unanswered how-to questions by you and your co-workers.

In October look for a new training opporturnity for VE opticians only.  Become VE certified optician by enrolling on KPLearn and taking the time to complete 20 modules covering everything from Ocular Anatomy to Ophthalmic Optics and Dispensing.  Upon completion of the training modules you will be given some hands on training with your coworkers .


Sherri Koers, FNAO,NCLE