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If you answered a. You might as well move on.  But if you answered b or c then this video is for you.

The dreaded figure eight replacement in metal nylor frames, the when and why you should do it.
When: When the plastic inter liner above the lens is broken or missing replacement will give the lens a snugger fit keeping the lens in place. You my hear this from the patient, “this is the third time I’ve brought my frame  in to have this lens inserted, it keeps falling out.” On close inspection you may find the figure eight chord is missing or only partially there. That’s a sign that tightening the bottom string has not been effective in previous repairs and it is time to investigate the figure eight chord.
why is it called the figure eight chord. See picture

Why: Obviously the repair will make your patient happy when the lens remains in place and never falls out again but most importantly the figure eight chord acts as a cushion for the lens and prevents lens from chipping and flaking at the top of the lens especially in CR 39.
The chord is like two in one the top is smaller version of the bottom. The smaller side goes in the upper eyewire groove,the larger portion is on the outside. And yes the figure eight comes in multiple sizes. See picture.
When the correct size is chosen then the only tools you need are a stick pin such as a tack  and the frame air heater you can watch this video to see how it is done. Note it is not fast and usually not easy but the more you do the better you will feel at out doing them. For how to do this watch the video.  Comment below if you have any quick and easy tips to expedite the repair process.  Thanks!

Vision Essentials iVE Learn Re-convenes in 2016

ivelearncomm2The Southern California Region Labor and Management came together on September 1, 2016 for refreshing the iVE Learn Mission and planning out the next step for opticians to be certified and re-certified. The committee welcomed the newest members representing Labor; Gil Melnendez, Local 166 Fontana and David Durrill, Local 30 San Diego. Another region has joined the team since Bakersfield has opened in the last 2 years and will be represented by Christian Delcarpio, UCFW. Also,new on the management team is Anna Schaei, Site Supervisor for Orange County.
Prototypes for updating the test kits were available and demonstrated to all at the meeting by Henry Lim, Supervisor from the lab. New in the kit were Edge types and removed from testing was the distometer measurement.
The purpose of this group is to expand, recognize, promote and sustain optical knowledge and skills expected of Vision Essentials opticians by educating and maintaining their core opticianry skills. The next step for this committee is to re-certify coaches from Labor and Management to help proctor the iVE Learn Certification in the SC Region.
For a copy of the charter please contact Sherri Koers, Escondido, David Durrill or Mark Carmona in La Mesa San Diego.

Vision Expo

FullSizeRender 17

SD Airport people watching and killing time

First you have to get  there.  Can you believe rain delayed our Las Vegas flight by 3 hours.  I guess Las Vegas doesn’t do rain well.  With all the delays we arrived tired and worn out. but eager to see the sights.

Our classes began the next day and the exhibits opened on Thursday.  I know we tried out a few good restaurants and saw Jersey and LeRvue. Jersey Boys was in the Paris hotel.  We took a cab from the Venetian/Mirage and it took longer to ride in a cab than to walk home from The Paris Hotel.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 3.20.48 PM

A little Broadway in Vegas! Playing at Paris Hotel on the strip

It was a great show if you like the music and I do.  I downloaded all their tunes on Pandora.

My first class was an audience participation . It was called The Latest Lens Technology.  The audience was polled with the use of their smartphones what topics they would like to discuss.  This a 2 hour class.  From all the available options the audience selected Free Form Lens Designs,  Camber Lenses


classroom poll taken by instructor, How do you take measurements for PAL?

Also included was the various ways we measure PALS it seems as if the pupillometer with PD stick is the most popular but the least accurate.  The lecturer recommends a smart phone or iPad for the fit.  It is currently in  La Mesa with the Optima measuring system.  Maybe some day.

Escaping the classroom was always a treat when you walked out of the door to the strip there was always a beautiful sunset to see. Last but not least was the show at Wynn called Le Reve (the dream)  beautiful choreography but it really put me to sleep.

All in all it went by so fast I really didn’t have time to post daily as I thought I would. Tomorrow is Monday and I’m back to work with all my new tools and knowledge to use.

IMG_0631 2

Miraage at Sunset

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Vision Expo 2015 Just 3 days to go…..

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.32.26 AMScreen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.30.33 AM

Maybe you go for fashion and fun over 5,000 brands represented all in one show. Maybe you go for the continuing education, over 500 hours of ce at all levels presented.  Whatever you reason,

International Vision Expo & Conference in Las Vegas is the place to be for anyone in the eyecare industry. Find everything from the latest eyewear trends to the most innovative optical technology and the best ophthalmic business solutions. And the best part is: They offer the knowledge, clinical training and education hours to put it all together and take your practice to the next level. All under one roof.

 If you can’t make it this year, there is always next year but check my blog to see what I discover on my trip to Las Vegas!

If you are looking for a good read then you must look at current issue  of 20/20 magazine.  Mark Shupnick has gone all out explaining the Camber lens, and yes there is a 1 CE unit attached to it if you are in need of a credit for either iVE Learn and or ABO certification. The articles is sponsored by Younger Optical.

The article is called Improving Free-Form Lenses with Variable Base Curves and Digital Individualization. A unique patented variable base curve digital progressive.

Don’t let the title scare you off.

You can find the CE by following this link:


The Next Step Winner>>>>

The question was trick.  There was not a single answer that wasn’t a lifestyle question.  Until I added None of the above, choice 6.

In your talk with your patients you should be using every question in your own way.  The post was to see what area you may not be asking by looking at your response?  and since there were many different responses to the question,the winners for participating and taking a risk are:

Natalie Avery, Uyen Hendricks, Berick Mafong, Shyanne Kakalia, Heidi Pomicter, Deborah Zimmer .

Congratulations!  Your Coffee card is on its way!

The Next Step….

San Diego VE opticians has just completed another Eyes on Communication Class.  It was 4 hours of learning about frames, and you thought you knew it all.  But honestly how many of you will take back to work with you the neuro -motor skills that David Gilman so passionately taught us.  Mirror Match and Pace from EOC 2, Bundling from EOC 3, selling frames with a purpose and partnership with our patients!  It was a lot of information.  So throughout the course of the next few weeks, I will post an early morning question to jog our memories of all the information that was taught.  For those of you who are buying in to this new experience I will also challenge you a little and hopefully encourage you to keep up the awesome work with our patients that we already do.  So here goes the first question….. The first optician who answers my question will be sent a Starbucks Coffee Card!  So Good Luck with your challenge and may the best optician win.

Which of these questions is not a lifestyle question?

  1. What do you use your glasses for?

2.How do you protect your eyes from the sun

3.How much time do you spend on a computer or tablet?

4.What do you like to do with your free time?

5.  All of the above.

6. None of the above

Please answer your question by placing it in the reply box.  You will be notified.

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